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Slag Heap being tidies, Summer 2003225 views33333
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692 views33333
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The left hand side of the main building from the front door707 views33333
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Geoff explains the working and history of the Rattling Monsters750 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job33333
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Closer view of the replica engine511 viewsReplica of Diesel's engine that was built in 1897 and is considered to be the first diesel engine. It had been preceded by two experimental motors in 1882/93 and 1894. However, they did not work satisfactorily.

Replica built for MAN Truck & Bus to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Diesel's birth, 2008.

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Deep in conversation465 viewsSome of our "Friends" sorting out the cares of the world33333
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Ian & John at work.jpg
Foundations for lean to being laid, summer 2003, John and Ian1413 views33333
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Poster - Ruston554 views33333
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George Osborne MP and family in background watch on466 viewsGeoff demonstrates the 3HP Crossley atmospheric engne33333
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Hedge hopping605 viewsa cheer went up as the pilot released the smoke from the plane33333
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Rattling Monster room was never empty371 views33333
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821 views33333
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