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Gardner 4CR built 1908 engine number 74541035 viewsMarine petrol engine sold for installation on a 32' private launch named "Mascot" (but later renamed "Duchess") and used on Lake Windermere33333
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Gardner 8HF1023 viewsoriginally tested on 28 August 1926 and sold to G Buxton & Son, 17 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham

Was used to drive a stone saw
(3 votes)
4T5 close up944 views33333
(3 votes)
Patterns for Gardner engine parts998 viewsa display of patterns used to make engine parts forms part of the collection33333
(3 votes)
Gardner 6LYT show model only no engine number allocated1423 views33333
(3 votes)
Gardner 4T5975 views33333
(3 votes)
Gardner 4T5 being videod by Granada946 viewsthe museum will be featured in an episode of "What's On" to be screened Aug 200633333
(3 votes)
bristol close up back 2.jpg
Close up of gears from the back of the engine1022 viewsview showing more of the detail of the gears from the back of the engine33333
(7 votes)
Lagonda car1746 viewsthis beautifully restored car was brought to the museum during the Gardner Exhibition. It had at one time been fitted with the 6LK engine on display in the Garder Room33333
(11 votes)
Fly wheel (estimated at 20+ tons)1856 viewsPhotograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde, taken w/c 16 October 2006 whilst engine being dismantled33333
(4 votes)
Blow lamps.jpg
4T5 being lit by blow lamp1752 views33333
(4 votes)
The water brake is hooked up ready to unload1595 viewsThe Sutton crane is ready to lift the 17 ton weight33333
(6 votes)
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