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Mirrlees models2773 viewsa range of models shows engine development through the years00000
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View of exhibition displays2426 viewsLeft is sectioned Paxman Ricardo engine, then pieces of the Doxford single-cylinder engine (timing chain, big end, control panel, etc) then screen where videos about Diesel were played throughout the season.00000
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Interpretation boards helped to divide up the area3899 views00000
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Drawing board as you enter the exhibition area2394 views00000
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JCB area from another view point2450 viewsJCB Dieselmax engine - fastest diesel engine in the world00000
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View of the JCB area2194 views00000
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Mirrlees, Bickerton & Day 50hp Diesel Engine3056 viewsIt had been situated in the thermodynamics laboratory at the Liverpool John Moores University. It was used to demonstrate simple testing techniques. It suffered a catastrophic failure in 1998 resulting in extensive damage including the cylinder liner and piston/con-rod assembly.00000
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First load of Doxford engine parts arrive at museum4246 viewsPhotograph taken by Geoff Challinor of first load of parts arriving 3 October 2006. Load consists of the top section of the scavenge pump, top piston and cross head assembly and various smaller parts.00000
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Walter Higgenbotham, Mayor of Cheshire East and Mayor of Poynton2719 viewsrelax and discuss the engine after its inaugral run00000
(1 votes)
Geoff Baker double checks everything is ready2817 views1st public running of Largest Steam Engine in Cheshire00000
(1 votes)
Geoff welcomes invited crowd before 1st ever public running2850 viewsLargest Steam Engine in Cheshire00000
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side view of the Stott mill engine3365 views00000
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