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Don Foden applies preventative oil against rust4351 viewsDon is an ex-Mirrlees man. He was the engine-build and test foreman then Plant Manager. He grins and tells people he now brushes up at the Anson.11111
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View from the platform2394 viewsthere is a viewing platform behind the 3bhp engine that allows visitors a closer look at the governor and free wheel mechanism11111
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View along the line up - from the left2632 viewsIn the foreground is the 3bhp with the other vertical engines in the background11111
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Patterns used to make the replica2522 viewsThe magnificent replica has been lovingly built by Wayne Timms and Dave Allen (members of the Friends of the Anson Engine Museum). It is of engine number 361 that was originally built in 1871. These are the patterns they used while making it.
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in the background can you see the face of Rudolf Diesel3091 viewswatching over the work being done on the MAN engine?11111
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Geoff working on the large engine2720 viewsThis is an example of the largest size built of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 3 horsepower 11111
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Dismantling the engine at the college3731 viewsPhotographs showing the first stage of dismantling, taken last week in September 2006 by Maurice Clyde11111
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4T5 steals the show3426 viewsvisitors crowd round to see this huge engine being started11111
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Left a bit3032 viewsGeoff Baker helps the crane driver position the flywheel during its unloading11111
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Crossley plate on the 3bhp2712 viewsLarge engine displaying the Crossley plate - which was used in our 2006 brochure for the museum11111
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6220 viewsIt was used for for the studio lighting of such Classics as

Passport To Pimlico
Another Shore
Whiskey Galore
Kind Hearts and Coronets

To name just a few.
A nice photo exists of Miss Gracie Fields starting the engine.

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Supplied 22/10/31 To The Famous ARP Studios Ealing6226 views600BHP @ 300RPM .Weight approx. 60Tons
15.5" bore 20" stroke

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