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Gardner 2LW1286 views24 bhp at 1200 rpm
Engine no 169677 built between 1 July 1969 and 2 January 1970
Used on a ship to drive a winch unit until 1999
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Looking back up the main building from the workshop end to the front door948 views33333
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1886 Crossley vertical gas engine s/no 9838730 views33333
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Fowler Beam engine1004 viewson loan from Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery 33333
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Broken Hill power station in Australia.1941 viewsMirrlees next designed a larger engine during the latter part of 1912, which in it's production form was a cross head type unit having a bore of 21.5 inches and a stroke of 24 inches giving 166 BHP per cylinder at 215 r.p.m. 33333
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sectioned Paxman Ricardo engine1238 viewsfrom Leeds University. This is proving to be a popular exhibit showing the inner workings of an engine.33333
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Hornsby oil engine on pallet in Cheshire1159 viewsin the new lean to area33333
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996 views33333
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This other Ruston engine replaced the other VXA that had failed years before1161 views33333
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Hornsby oil engine November 2010 - original shed at the Estate1090 viewsEngine number 54410, sold new December 192033333
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View of 5hp Hornsby and compressor from Trinity House734 viewsOriginally installed in 1912 at Serk Lighthouse, Channel Islands and used to maintain the Reed type fog signal until the station was modernised in 1969. 33333
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1000 Engine Rally 2007 Saturday night at the museum315 viewsAnton Van Der Cruijsen chats to Charles Wendel33333
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