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More stone waiting to be laid347 viewsOne of the "Friends" of the museum, Jimmy Jackson donated money to allow us buy more stone for the car park.00000
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Campbell Engine being reassembled outside museum entrance200 viewsThe flywheel being lowered into place.00000
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193 viewsThe 40 ton Campbell being re-assembled as a gate guardian. The flywheel is being sunk into place.00000
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pieces of the giant Campbell waiting to be moved193 viewsthe engine had to be dismantled in the car park prior to its move to a new location00000
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Coventry Diesel KF4 information boards229 views00000
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admiring the Gardner 4L2279 views00000
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Coventry Diesel KF4215 views00000
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1909 Butler204 viewsinformation board tells us it had been used in a Poynton chip shop00000
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Before the crowd arrives196 viewsEric from the milk bar tries to take a photograph up the main room - caught out by our own cameraman00000
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1900 Crossley O type222 viewsTrevor and Pete starting the Crossley in the main room00000
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Doxford timing chain and big end187 viewson display in Memorial Building. A "Guess the weight of the big end" competition proved popular.00000
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Crowd gathers to view the Ruston Hornsby 6H211 views00000
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