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Visitors love to watch the volunteers at work458 views00000
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Furnival engine249 viewsS/No 369 built in 1898, ˝ HP Towns gas with tube ignition. Originally used at Peak Press, Chapel-en-le-Frith. Now driving a Furnival platen printing press, type set letters are on display. The future aim is to have the press actually printing. 00000
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Mirrlees engine UL8 type220 viewsS/No 85780 built with a Ricardo Comet combustion chamber Mark – ULB, Power – 370 BHP, Speed – 600 RPM. Originally supplied to Corby and District Water Co. Northants circa 1942. Thought to have been built in 1939.00000
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Memorial Building - ICE Exhibition372 viewsMirrlees No 1, this is the first engine every built in the UK (and only the 3rd ever built in the world). It was completed in November 1897 by Mirrlees, Watson, Yaryan & Company Limited in Glasgow.00000
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Memorial Building - ICE Exhibition242 viewsfrom bottom of building looking back towards early engines. On left front Mirrlees No 1, on right Hornsby Ackroyd, in distance Atkinson-cycle engine, Griffin, Crossley piano base00000
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Memorial Building - ICE Exhibition269 viewsLister engines and lighting plant00000
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Memorial Building - ICE Exhibition205 viewsbottom of building looking towards the Wells Bros engine. (Designed by John H Hamilton (chief engineer of Wells Bros) c1896. This was the first “Pressure-Scavenging” engine using low pressure air to clear the cylinder of the exhaust gases.)00000
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Memorial Building - ICE Exhibition204 viewsLooking towards exit00000
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Easter Tombola222 viewslots of fun with dozens of prizes and helped raise some funds00000
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New look for our shop area207 viewsLooking towards shop area from cafe00000
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New look for our shop area216 viewsmuch more room to display our items00000
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New look for our shop area203 viewslooking towards exit00000
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