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Dismantling the engine at the college2013 viewsPhotographs showing the first stage of dismantling, taken last week in September 2006 by Maurice Clyde33333
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Gardner family at the opening ceremony1143 viewsThe museum was priveleged to have so many members of the Gardner family present at the opening ceremony33333
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Photo of The 4L2.jpg
The 4L21975 views33333
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Pete gets caught photographing the photographer1216 viewsduring the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 200533333
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unusual view of Mirrlees No1350 viewsoldest diesel engine in the UK and in fact the 3rd ever built in the world33333
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1000 Engine Rally 2007 – Saturday night at the museum302 viewsKees Fitter over from Holland on his annual pilgrimage33333
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Barnstorming654 views... shame about the fly on the lens ...33333
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engines in the Rattling Monster room looking towards stained-glass windows1041 views33333
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view of Rattling Monster room towards the stained-glass windows1048 views33333
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Robey engine being admired828 views33333
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Atkinson-cycle engine at the Anson Engine Museum789 viewsThe engine, which was built by the British Gas Engine Company Limited sometime between 1886 and 1893 is one of only a very few Atkinson-cycle engines’ known to have survived.
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699 views33333
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