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Gardner 4T52488 views33333
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Gardner 4T5 being videod by Granada2417 viewsthe museum will be featured in an episode of "What's On" to be screened Aug 200633333
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bristol close up back 2.jpg
Close up of gears from the back of the engine2689 viewsview showing more of the detail of the gears from the back of the engine33333
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Lagonda car3577 viewsthis beautifully restored car was brought to the museum during the Gardner Exhibition. It had at one time been fitted with the 6LK engine on display in the Garder Room33333
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Anson Colliery2022 viewsdepicted by Rod Ellis (one of the many drawings by this artist)33333
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Time for a little posing1914 viewsbefore clambering up onto the wing33333
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Fly wheel (estimated at 20+ tons)3373 viewsPhotograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde, taken w/c 16 October 2006 whilst engine being dismantled33333
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2197 views33333
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2568 views33333
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Engines in the main hall April 20072169 views33333
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The water brake is hooked up ready to unload3141 viewsThe Sutton crane is ready to lift the 17 ton weight33333
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arrive 2.JPG
Second lot of parts arrive at museum5359 viewsThese arrived at museum 11 October 200633333
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