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Sectioned Paxman engine being inspected April 20071191 views22222
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Atkinson-cycle engine647 viewsThe engine, which was built by the British Gas Engine Company Limited sometime between 1886 and 1893 is one of only a very few Atkinson-cycle engines’ known to have survived.
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1920 Bates & Scholes 34hp gas engine. Serial no 5117 was used for wood turning on Cornbrook Rd, Old Trafford, Manchester.1610 views11111
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View of the main museum buildings from the car park743 viewsThis is a picture of the outside of the engine museum before refurbishment.11111
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Furnival engine driving a platen printing press837 viewsSerial number 369, 2.5 HP Town gas with tube iginition. 00000
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