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Mike & Charles.jpg
Mike and Charles in workshop restoring engines1185 views
Atkinson-cycle engine at the Anson Engine Museum1185 viewsThe engine, which was built by the British Gas Engine Company Limited sometime between 1886 and 1893 is one of only a very few Atkinson-cycle engines’ known to have survived.
Entrance area1182 viewswhere reception, cafe and shop are located
Copy of FXCD0013.jpg
Bates & Scholes1180 viewsB&S gas engine, built in 1920, Denton, Manchester
How IC engines developed, using the Hugon to demonstrate principles1177 viewsDeeside College students October 2012
mjh at ve day.jpg
Margaret at VE Day Celebration show chating to visitors1176 views
bj geoff explains.jpg
Geoff explains the working and history of the Rattling Monsters1170 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
1886 Crossley vertical gas engine s/no 98381168 views
Volunteers working on "Rattling Monster"1161 views
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Robey engine plate1160 viewsPlate from our 1895 built Robey engine
another of Rod Ellis's sketches1159 viewsshowing Poynton Towers and clock, this can be seen in our Local History area
pictures in the cafe being discussed1158 viewsthese sketches were done by Rod Ellis, our resident blacksmith
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