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another view of the Stott1378 viewslooking from the back towards the front of the engine
Geoff says a few words at the presentation1371 viewsJust before the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 2005
Capturing the blowlamp being lit1369 viewsthe museum will be on the 2006 version of the series "What's On" to be screened in August
birm close up 3.jpg
Close up of the gear wheels on the First Style Crossley Atmospheric1367 viewsDetails of the gears and mechanisms show in this shot
bristol atmos 2.jpg
better view of the winch1365 viewsthe winch that can be seen in the background is the original that was used with this engine. It is in the process of being connected so it can raise a crane jib
gc working 4.jpg
Alternative view of the engine being started1362 viewsAlternative view of the engine being started by Geoff
Chairman of the IMechE Heritage Committee wows the volunteers with her footwear1362 viewsthey have measuring tapes up the back.

Prof Isobel Pollock - Chairman of IMechE Heritage Committee
Posing for the camera1358 viewsthe museum will be on the 2006 version of the series "What's On" to be screened in August
All 4 cylinders and heads fitted1357 viewsRuston VXA
Gardner 4FHM view from flywheel end1354 views
View of Gardner room looking towards the 4T51352 views
Gardner 8HF1352 viewsoriginally tested on 28 August 1926 and sold to G Buxton & Son, 17 Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham

Was used to drive a stone saw
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