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Wot - no shed, another job that needs doing. Note non-standard outrigger bearing.5279 views
4969 viewsIt was used for for the studio lighting of such Classics as

Passport To Pimlico
Another Shore
Whiskey Galore
Kind Hearts and Coronets

To name just a few.
A nice photo exists of Miss Gracie Fields starting the engine.

Second lot of parts arrive at museum4959 viewsThese arrived at museum 11 October 2006
Supplied 22/10/31 To The Famous ARP Studios Ealing4923 views600BHP @ 300RPM .Weight approx. 60Tons
15.5" bore 20" stroke

Next stage of the dismantling process4383 viewsTaken at the college w/c 2 Oct 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
arrive 2.JPG
Second lot of parts arrive at museum4279 viewsThese arrived at museum 11 October 2006
Dox Engineers.jpg
Engineers at college4092 viewsThe engineers at the college when the engine was installed in Oct 1967.
Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
Doxford Fit Crank 2.jpg
Crank being fitted3956 viewsWhen the engine was installed at the Marine College in Oct 1967, crank being fitted.
Photograph courtesy of MauriceClyde
Trailer split to unload the engine3834 views
4L2 being admired.jpg
Gardner 4L2 being admired3786 viewsVisitors admiring the Gardner 4L2 after it had received the EHHS plaque May 2005
Flywheel arriving at the museum 2nd April 20073762 viewsThe 25 ton flywheel can be seen as the lorry arrives in the museum drive
First stages of the dismantling3597 viewsTaken at the college last week September, 2006 by Maurice Clyde.
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