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childrens quiz.jpg
Children completing the quiz3221 viewslooking for the clue about the 6LK
Apprentice in 1929.jpg
Apprentice at Gardners3219 viewsthis gentleman began his apprenticeship with Gardners in 1929
3215 views1934 Mirrlees designed a new engine, having a bore of 8.25 inches and a stroke of 12 inches developing 60 BHP per cylinder at 900 r.p.m. Example is a UD8
bristol atmos.jpg
3bhp engine with one week to go to the Exhibition3186 viewslooking almost bare now that it can be seen connected up to the winch, exhaust pipe and gas pipes in place
The water brake is hooked up ready to unload3185 viewsThe Sutton crane is ready to lift the 17 ton weight
3181 viewsMirrlees designed 'Ricardo' sleeve valve engines, one type having a bore of 5.5 inches and a stroke of 6.5 inches, developing 20 BHP per cylinder at 900 r.p.m., and the other with a bore of 17 inches and stroke of 21.5 inches, developing 50 BHP per cylinder at 200 r.p.m.

Crane unloads the Water Brake weighing 17 tons3150 views
View from behind the 4T53141 views
25 ton flywheel being placed into position3134 viewsin its final resting place - for now
Engine in situ at Perry Oaks Sewage Works3129 views
Replica engine from the left3122 viewsReplica engine from the left
birm atmos 2.jpg
1bhp Atmospheric Engine3113 viewsAn example of the first style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower
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