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crowd gathers in anticipation1782 viewsLargest Steam Engine in Cheshire, 1st public run on Friday 23rd September 2011. First time in over 50 years.
Engine in situ at Perry Oaks Sewage Works1765 views
1761 viewsMirrlees designed 'Ricardo' sleeve valve engines, one type having a bore of 5.5 inches and a stroke of 6.5 inches, developing 20 BHP per cylinder at 900 r.p.m., and the other with a bore of 17 inches and stroke of 21.5 inches, developing 50 BHP per cylinder at 200 r.p.m.

Don and Graham working on the MAN Diesel1734 viewsin preparation for the Diesel Exhibition
Gardner 6LYT show model only no engine number allocated1731 views
Larger size gas producer plant1715 views
childrens quiz.jpg
Children completing the quiz1715 viewslooking for the clue about the 6LK
National 25hp gas engine serial no. 176591711 views
Geoff Challinor outside the museum main building.1700 views
looking good.jpg
View of display area outside Gardner Room1694 viewsVarious display cabinets added to the exhibition of engines, giving insights into the Gardner family history.
Gardner 4NT.jpg
Photographs of the Gardner 4NT1679 viewstaken in May 1935.

This was an experimental engine, never put into production
Gallery above the engine allows visitors to watch it all unfold below them1679 viewsLargest Steam Engine in Cheshire back in steam
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