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in the background can you see the face of Rudolf Diesel1683 viewswatching over the work being done on the MAN engine?
Apprentice in 1929.jpg
Apprentice at Gardners1663 viewsthis gentleman began his apprenticeship with Gardners in 1929
Crankshaft being unloaded by the Sutton crane1659 viewsUnloading continues
Replica engine from the left1645 viewsReplica engine from the left
General arrangement of a National vertical tandem gas engine1637 views
View from behind the 4T51635 views
Relief now its all done1625 viewsNow that the Exhibition preparations are finished the relief shows on the face of a volunteer while they chat to visitors
Roger entertains1597 viewsRoger Gardner, one of the museum volunteers, starts the 4T5
bristol atmos.jpg
3bhp engine with one week to go to the Exhibition1574 viewslooking almost bare now that it can be seen connected up to the winch, exhaust pipe and gas pipes in place
1551 views1934 Mirrlees designed a new engine, having a bore of 8.25 inches and a stroke of 12 inches developing 60 BHP per cylinder at 900 r.p.m. Example is a UD8
Left a bit1540 viewsGeoff Baker helps the crane driver position the flywheel during its unloading
Mirrlees, Bickerton & Day 50hp Diesel Engine1539 viewsIt had been situated in the thermodynamics laboratory at the Liverpool John Moores University. It was used to demonstrate simple testing techniques. It suffered a catastrophic failure in 1998 resulting in extensive damage including the cylinder liner and piston/con-rod assembly.
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