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Crowd gathers to view the Gardner 4T51809 viewsassembling in front of the large Gardner the crowd anticipate it being lit and run
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Paul Gardner opens the Exhibition1808 viewsPaul Gardner opens the Exhibition and thanks the museum for collecting such a wonderful display of Garder engines and memorabilia
Next stage of the dismantling process1805 viewsTaken at the college w/c 2 Oct 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
Visitors assemble at far end of the Gardner Room1765 views
1753 views'HP', having a bore of 13.75 inches and stroke 21 inches was also developed during this period., made in five to eight cylinders in-line sizes, either normally aspirated or turbocharged.
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4T5 being lit by blow lamp1751 views
Lagonda car1746 viewsthis beautifully restored car was brought to the museum during the Gardner Exhibition. It had at one time been fitted with the 6LK engine on display in the Garder Room
I don't think they will manage to lift it off on their own1735 viewsPreparing the 25 ton flywheel for unloading
The giant flywheel only just manages to fit up the museum drive1721 viewsThe flywheel can be seen just skirting the tree on the left
and the winner is .....jpg
Grand Raffle being drawn1718 viewsby Geoff Challinor and Mrs Paul Gardner
4T5 steals the show1674 viewsvisitors crowd round to see this huge engine being started
The load can be seen in front of the crane1673 viewsThe crankshaft and water brake prior to unloading
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