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Flywheel arriving at the museum 2nd April 20073663 viewsThe 25 ton flywheel can be seen as the lorry arrives in the museum drive
4L2 being admired.jpg
Gardner 4L2 being admired3655 viewsVisitors admiring the Gardner 4L2 after it had received the EHHS plaque May 2005
Larger size gas producer plant3536 views
First stages of the dismantling3503 viewsTaken at the college last week September, 2006 by Maurice Clyde.
Pulling into the unusually tidy carpark.3453 views
Fit Fly Wheel.jpg
Fit Fly Wheel3411 viewsWhen the engine was installed at the Marine College in Oct 1967, view of fly wheel being fitted.
Photograph courtesy of Maurice Clyde
Don Foden applies preventative oil against rust3299 viewsDon is an ex-Mirrlees man. He was the engine-build and test foreman then Plant Manager. He grins and tells people he now brushes up at the Anson.
View of one wall of the Gardner room3205 views
Gardner 4FHM different view3174 views
Dismantling the engine at the college3144 viewsPhotographs showing the first stage of dismantling, taken last week in September 2006 by Maurice Clyde
Engine information board3077 viewsDetails of the engine that were displayed at the college
MAN Serial number 3943076 viewsdelivered 20th November 1903 to University of Birmingham
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