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Gardner 4FHM different view1120 views
Gardner 4CR built 1908 engine number 74541119 viewsMarine petrol engine sold for installation on a 32' private launch named "Mascot" (but later renamed "Duchess") and used on Lake Windermere
Patterns used to make the replica1118 viewsThe magnificent replica has been lovingly built by Wayne Timms and Dave Allen (members of the Friends of the Anson Engine Museum). It is of engine number 361 that was originally built in 1871. These are the patterns they used while making it.
View of one wall of the Gardner room1117 views
view of Rattling Monster room towards the stained-glass windows1117 views
gc working 2.jpg
Geoff works on the large engine1112 viewsTurning the flywheel before running the 3bhp engine
The family connection1110 viewsRoger and Derek Gardner stand in the Gardner Room admiring their families legacy
Geoff Baker double checks everything is ready1110 views1st public running of Largest Steam Engine in Cheshire
being transferred to the lorry1109 viewsHornsby oil engine November 2010
bristol close up back 2.jpg
Close up of gears from the back of the engine1108 viewsview showing more of the detail of the gears from the back of the engine
Gardner 4FHM showing the vaporising lamp1105 views
engines in the Rattling Monster room looking towards stained-glass windows1104 views
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