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Gardner 8HF1161 views30 bhp, Engine No 26965 built in 1926
Hornsby oil engine November 2010 - original shed at the Estate1159 viewsEngine number 54410, sold new December 1920
Part funding for the new building came from WREN - see description1154 viewsThe museum had been successful in raising some of the money for the new building thanks to Landfill Tax credit funding of 25,000 from the Waste Recycling Group Ltd, administered by WREN. It also raised further contributions from the Cheshire Rural Tourism Development Grant Scheme to enhance the experience for visitors, especially those that make such efforts to visit Cheshire. This still however left a large proportion of the costs to be met by the museum funds.
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EHHS Plaque presented to the original Gardner 4L21153 viewsfrom the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE), May 2005
Arched window into the Gardner Room1152 viewsthis lovely arched window and wall was constructed by Geoff Baker to help partition of the Gardner room
Stott engine, looking from front towards the flywheel1151 views
Putting together the new Guides1147 viewsalways lots of work in those last few days before opening
Hornsby oil engine November 20101147 viewsThere she is, still looks in nice condition
Examples of fuel injection equipment for demonstration purposes1141 viewsin background you can see the Hornsby-Ackroyd Oil Engine built in 1896
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Closer view of the line up1137 viewsthis shows a clearer view of the engines and the connection between the large engine and the winch
Geoff meets President of IMECHE1137 viewsJust before the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 2005
Left wall of main room April 20071130 views
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