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gc working 3.jpg
Starting the engine1123 viewsGeoff in the process of starting the engine
Series of photographs starting the 4L2 for the first time (6)1122 viewsafter its restoration work - just prior to the EHHS presentation May 2005
Looking down the exhibition area towards Mirrlees No 11114 viewsFirst diesel engine ever built in the UK (in Glasgow) 1897. Also the 3rd ever to have been built in the world.
Engine partly dismantled ready for transportation to Cheshire1112 viewsJanuary 1997
Geoff says a few words at the presentation1098 viewsJust before the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 2005
Piston and rod removed for cleaning1089 viewsRuston VXA
Perkins display stand1086 views
Gardner 8HF1085 views30 bhp, Engine No 26965 built in 1926
1929 National NV diesel engine1084 views
made by one of our volunteers1082 viewsas these were missing replacements were made copying a pattern one of the volunteers had noticed at another museum
bristol atmos 4.jpg
3bhp Crossley Atmospheric Engine1081 viewsThis engine belonged to W Butler & Co, tar distillers, Silverthorne Lane, St Philips, Bristol BS2. It was used to drive a winch and crane jib for barge unloading.

The original winch can be seen in the background of the picture
Arched window into the Gardner Room1081 viewsthis lovely arched window and wall was constructed by Geoff Baker to help partition of the Gardner room
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