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Model engines being assembled for display159 views
1000 Engine Rally 2007 inside our stall159 viewsthe crowd flocked to see the Atkinson engine
Tim gets ready to fit the exhaust system159 viewsto the mobile Crossley generator, one of the engines we displayed at the 1000 Engine Rally
Roof on, floor being levelled158 views
Floor Going  Down.jpg
Concrete being laid in lean to building158 viewsWinter 2003
John at work158 views
oct wknd 008.jpg
Visiting engines arrived from 08:00158 viewsto get set up for a 10:00 start - the extra hour in bed certainly helped
Visitors admire the display of Atmospheric engines158 viewsLook out Alex, that 56lb weight is just above your head .... or at least it looks as if it is.
Visitors arriving158 viewsthe entrance area houses reception, cafe and shop
View across the Rattling Monster room158 views
1000 Engine Rally 2007 inside our stall158 viewsDetails of the Atkinson-cycle engine.

It was built c1883, Engine No 643. One of only two known to have survived, (the other is at the Henry Ford Museum in America). It does 4 strokes of the piston to 1 revolution of the crankshaft. It is on loan to the Anson Engine Museum from the Techniek Museum Delft. Our sincere thanks to Dr Korving for permission to take the engine to the 1000 Engine Rally, Astle Park.
Members of the Heywood Society158 views
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