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PEEMS March 2008386 viewsmembers of the Pickering Experimental Engineering & Model Society visit the museum
Members of the Heywood Society having a chat and a rest386 viewsIt's hard work all this enjoying ourselves
Watching some of the outside engines being run386 viewsTaken during the Saturday night visit from the 1000 Engine Rally
So many engines to admire385 views
exhibits of all shapes and sizes for visitors to admire385 views
1000 Engine Rally 2007 inside our stall385 viewsdisplay board telling people about some of the engines we had to leave behind
1000 Engine Rally 2007 a few that caught our eye385 viewsduring a very quick walk around we did capture a few shots of engines - all too soon we had to cut short our walk around and head back to the marquee to run the Atkinson again.

Apologies for not being able to spend long enough looking around the great engines on display.
Saturday night guests385 views
Sharing a joke385 viewsSouth Manchester MG Owners Club members at the end of the Cheshire Romp, 13 July 2008
new driveway.jpg
Drive widened and fencing in place around site384 viewsSummer 2003
Ruston and Hornsby384 viewsthis engine used to power the lights at Ealing studio
All ready for the Mirrlees U type to run384 viewstaken during the Saturday night visit from the 1000 Engine Rally
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