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Martin who has carried out most of the cleaning and restoration of the Ruston VXA 1252 views
Blackstone oil engine1250 views
Sectioned Paxman engine being inspected April 20071249 views
bristol close up1.jpg
Crossley plate on the 3bhp1246 viewsLarge engine displaying the Crossley plate - which was used in our 2006 brochure for the museum
Geoff with Mirlees No 11246 viewslast minute adjustments before the Exhibition begins.

This is the first engine every built in the UK (and only the 3rd ever built in the world). It was completed in November 1897 by Mirrlees, Watson, Yaryan & Company Limited in Glasgow.
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Gardner family at the opening ceremony1244 viewsThe museum was priveleged to have so many members of the Gardner family present at the opening ceremony
This other Ruston engine replaced the other VXA that had failed years before1236 views
1902 Tangye gas engine. Serial no. 7684 produced 20hp on town gas and drove a paint mill on Paisley Rd in Glasgow1235 views
View of engine on top gantry1228 viewsthe pump is on the floor below
Hornsby oil engine on pallet in Cheshire1225 viewsin the new lean to area
1222 viewsDuring 1906, the Admiralty specification required lightweight diesel engines for the propulsion of pinnaces and Mirrlees designed a four cylinder unit of 120 BHP at 400 r.p.m. These engines had bed plates of aluminium and columns of manganese bronze. The piston diameter was 9 and three quarter inches with a stroke of 12 inches.
Series of photographs starting the 4L2 for the first time (7)1216 viewsafter its restoration work - just prior to the EHHS presentation May 2005
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