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View of the air blast injector needle valve1236 viewsremoved for inspection
gc working.jpg
Geoff working on the large engine1230 viewsThis is an example of the largest size built of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 3 horsepower
line up 2.jpg
Looking along the line of engines towards the large 3bhp engine1230 viewsthis magnificent line up is unique! It contains the replica 1/4 bhp engine; the 1bhp and the 3bhp
Gardner 2LW1228 viewsrestored by Charles Mills, ready to go into a canal narrowboat
Jon Leigh with some opening remarks1226 viewsduring the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 2005
birm close up.jpg
Close up of the 1bhp engine showing makers plate1225 viewsThis engine is in lovely condition as can be seen in this close up view
Roger entertains.jpg
Roger demonstrates the 4T5 to visitors1225 viewswe use this view on one of our electronic jigsaws
Paul Gardner thanks the President of the IMECHE for the award1225 viewsduring the presentation of the EHHS plaque May 2005
visitors admiring Gardner display.jpg
Visitors admiring the Gardner display1224 views
Sectioned Gardner Fuel Pump1222 views
It was lifted out in one piece after cylinder were taken off1215 viewsRuston VXA in workshop prior to restoration and cleaning
the display coming together.jpg
Display cabinets being prepared1214 viewsit was difficult to know what to leave out - there was so much to chose from
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