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the gang working.jpg
Volunteers at work1749 viewsgood humour helped the last minute preparations
Granada film crew at museum.jpg
Geoff lights the Gardner 4T51732 viewsGeoff being filmed for the Granada What's On programme (will be aired August 06)
Ian & John at work.jpg
Foundations for lean to being laid, summer 2003, John and Ian1727 views
Restoration work on the MAN Diesel - cylinder head inlet and exhaust valves1715 viewsin preparation for the Diesel Exhibition.
close up during restoration work1713 viewsshowing top of cylinder
shows the engine plate and the restoration work1711 views
Mirrlees models1711 viewsa range of models shows engine development through the years
birm atmos 2.jpg
1bhp Atmospheric Engine1685 viewsAn example of the first style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower
Series of photographs starting the 4L2 for the first time (3)1670 viewsafter its restoration work - just prior to the EHHS presentation May 2005
1902 Tangye gas engine. Serial no. 7684 produced 20hp on town gas and drove a paint mill on Paisley Rd in Glasgow1669 views
view of the flywheel on the Stott mill engine1669 viewsthis engine has been lovingly restored by our volunteers and will be run "in steam" in September 2011
Right wall of the main room looking away from reception April 20071660 views
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