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what a line up.jpg
What a line up!4005 viewsLooking towards the large 3bhp engine with the other vertical engines in the foreground
Relief now its all done3349 viewsNow that the Exhibition preparations are finished the relief shows on the face of a volunteer while they chat to visitors
bristol atmos.jpg
3bhp engine with one week to go to the Exhibition3214 viewslooking almost bare now that it can be seen connected up to the winch, exhaust pipe and gas pipes in place
Replica engine from the left3143 viewsReplica engine from the left
birm atmos 2.jpg
1bhp Atmospheric Engine3141 viewsAn example of the first style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower
birm close up.jpg
Close up of the 1bhp engine showing makers plate2938 viewsThis engine is in lovely condition as can be seen in this close up view
line up 2.jpg
Looking along the line of engines towards the large 3bhp engine2821 viewsthis magnificent line up is unique! It contains the replica 1/4 bhp engine; the 1bhp and the 3bhp
bristol close up back 2.jpg
Close up of gears from the back of the engine2756 viewsview showing more of the detail of the gears from the back of the engine
bristol atmos 4.jpg
3bhp Crossley Atmospheric Engine2729 viewsThis engine belonged to W Butler & Co, tar distillers, Silverthorne Lane, St Philips, Bristol BS2. It was used to drive a winch and crane jib for barge unloading.

The original winch can be seen in the background of the picture
gc working.jpg
Geoff working on the large engine2713 viewsThis is an example of the largest size built of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 3 horsepower
bristol close up1.jpg
Crossley plate on the 3bhp2707 viewsLarge engine displaying the Crossley plate - which was used in our 2006 brochure for the museum
birm close up 3.jpg
Close up of the gear wheels on the First Style Crossley Atmospheric2674 viewsDetails of the gears and mechanisms show in this shot
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