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Most viewed - 2011 Season
Ready to run it for the 1st time607 viewsall the volunteers huddle round to watch, Tuesday 16 August 2011.

Vickers Petter (No 1083, CR2, 2 stroke oil engine. Built c1924, 120BHP used at York Waterworks)
Vickers Petter engine runs for 1st time578 views16 August 2011. Don "the governor" looks on proudly
Vickers Petter engine runs for 1st time559 views16 August 2011. The volunteers have made a terrific job stripping and restoring this engine.
25 years celebration 475 viewsthe first foundations for the museum were dug in June 1986, Geoff shares a glass of bubbly with Les & Ena to celebrate

Museum is 25 years in the making 460 views June 1986 was when the first foundations were dug and concrete laid, Geoff toasts to the next 25 years

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