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Most viewed - IDGTE Heritage Award + Closing Weekend Oct 06
Visitors enjoy the explanation of how they work663 viewsGeoff explains the history and workings of the Rattling Monsters
oct wknd 057.jpg
Rally engines proved popular with visitors635 views
Our youngest Life Member of the Friends596 viewsyou can never start their interest too early
National engine, H type578 viewsamong the rally engines on display
oct wknd 047.jpg
Rattling Monster room was never empty566 views
oct wknd 033.jpg
Cheryl at the Milk Bar keeping everyone fueled562 views
Line up of the rally engines 28 October 2006555 viewsSome of the rally engines on display
Geoff welcomes the distnguished guests552 viewsGeoff welcomes the Mayor of Macclesfield and Trevor Owen, President of the IDGTE
Petter S type545 viewsrally engine on display at museum 28 October 2006, shown by Bob Lester
Deep discussions about a model gas engine545 viewsRoy Gregory and Mike White discuss the finer points of a model
oct wknd 051.jpg
admiring the Gardner 4L2537 views
Sir Nicholas Winterton, Trevor Owen and Jim Crockatt (Mayor of Macclesfield)531 viewssome of the visitors entranced with Geoff's explanation
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