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Most viewed - Naming Ceremony for Memorial Building - August 2006
Part funding for the new building came from WREN - see description6615 viewsThe museum had been successful in raising some of the money for the new building thanks to Landfill Tax credit funding of 25,000 from the Waste Recycling Group Ltd, administered by WREN. It also raised further contributions from the Cheshire Rural Tourism Development Grant Scheme to enhance the experience for visitors, especially those that make such efforts to visit Cheshire. This still however left a large proportion of the costs to be met by the museum funds.
bj geoff explains.jpg
Geoff explains the working and history of the Rattling Monsters2237 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
rd the crowd enjoy the demonstration.jpg
The crowd are enthralled1918 views
rd Geoff demonstrates.jpg
Geoff runs the first of the exhibits1915 views
bj geoff explains2.jpg
Geoff continues by explaining the differences between the exhibits1909 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj few words from the mayor.jpg
Mayor of Macclesfield says a few words1907 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj the unveiling.jpg
The unveiling is captured for posterity1879 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj niall and other dignitaries.jpg
Niall is congratulated by Mayor, Sir Nicholas Winterton and Geoff look on1872 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj niall does unveiling.jpg
Niall removes the curtain to show off the plaque1855 viewsPhoto courtesy of Barry Job
bj jon chats to the mayor.jpg
Jon Leigh explains exhibits to Mayor and Mayoress of Macclesfield1852 viewsphotograph courtesy of Barry Job
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