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Most viewed - Gardner Exhibition 2004
4L2 being admired.jpg
Gardner 4L2 being admired3418 viewsVisitors admiring the Gardner 4L2 after it had received the EHHS plaque May 2005
4L2 engine.jpg
Gardner 4L22815 viewsthis is the orginal 4L2 prototype engine that was orginally shown at the Shipping, Engineering & Machinery Exhibition, Olympia in September 1929.
Gardner 4T5 being prepared2508 viewsA crowd gathers to watch the Gardner 4T5 being warmed up and run. This impressive engine always draws a crowd of admirers.
the 6LK.jpg
Gardner 6LK2431 viewsthis engine was loaned to the museum during the exhibition in 2004. It was the first time this engine has been on view to the public.
Photo of The 4L2.jpg
The 4L22343 views
Copy of FXCD0042.jpg
View of the Gardner room2198 viewsTaken standing beside the 4T5 and looking up the room
opening speeches.jpg
Paul Gardner opens the Exhibition2157 viewsPaul Gardner opens the Exhibition and thanks the museum for collecting such a wonderful display of Garder engines and memorabilia
Crowd gathers to view the Gardner 4T52149 viewsassembling in front of the large Gardner the crowd anticipate it being lit and run
Blow lamps.jpg
4T5 being lit by blow lamp2132 views
Visitors assemble at far end of the Gardner Room2120 views
Lagonda car2099 viewsthis beautifully restored car was brought to the museum during the Gardner Exhibition. It had at one time been fitted with the 6LK engine on display in the Garder Room
and the winner is .....jpg
Grand Raffle being drawn2043 viewsby Geoff Challinor and Mrs Paul Gardner
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