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Geoff welcomes the distnguished guests1405 viewsGeoff welcomes the Mayor of Macclesfield and Trevor Owen, President of the IDGTE
Presentation of IDGTE Heritage Award1335 viewsTrevor Owen, President of IDGTE, presents the Heritage Award to Geoff Challinor
Mayor of Macclesfield1320 viewsMayor of Macclesfield explains how important the museum is to the Borough.

Trevor Owen, President of IDGTE in background
Visitors enjoy the explanation of how they work1513 viewsGeoff explains the history and workings of the Rattling Monsters
Sir Nicholas Winterton, Trevor Owen and Jim Crockatt (Mayor of Macclesfield)1400 viewssome of the visitors entranced with Geoff's explanation
Deep discussions about a model gas engine1368 viewsRoy Gregory and Mike White discuss the finer points of a model
Line up of the rally engines 28 October 20061390 viewsSome of the rally engines on display
Petter S type1368 viewsrally engine on display at museum 28 October 2006, shown by Bob Lester
getting the Crossley 2 stroke running1205 views
Crossley 2 stroke1216 views
birm atmos 2.jpg
1bhp Atmospheric Engine2661 viewsAn example of the first style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower
birm atmos 3.jpg
2236 viewsFirst style of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 1 horsepower.
Serial No 481 Flywheel 41 x 3⅝
Total height 79 Height to shaft 58
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