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Midsummer Mingle 2007549 viewsGeoff demonstrates how the winch works on the 3HP Crossley Atmospheric engine
Crossley atmosphric engine name plate1033 viewsThe name plate from the 3hp atmospheric engine in our atmospheric "Rattling Monster" exhibition
Midsummer Mingle 2007541 viewsthe 3HP Atmospheric Crossley engine was a crowd pleaser and had to be run several times over the day
Midsummer Mingle 2007518 viewscapturing an memento of the occasion
Midsummer Mingle 2007653 viewsGeoff explains the workings of the Atmospheric engines
1000 Engine Rally 2007 inside our stall379 viewsFor once the replica engine gets ignored while the Atkinson steals the show.

The replica Otto, Langen & Roosen atmospheric engine built by Wayne Timms and Dave Allen.
Night of the Museum546 viewsCrossley Atmospheric engine was explained to visitors and run throughout the evening
Night of the Museum550 viewswatching the Atmospheric engines being demonstrated
oct wknd 047.jpg
Rattling Monster room was never empty640 views
oct wknd 050.jpg
the replica engine draws admirers472 views
Engines need to be moved out off storage area to make room for new exhibition389 views
Atmospheric engine being prepared for Exhibition390 views
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