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exhibition line.jpg
View along the line up - from the left2824 viewsIn the foreground is the 3bhp with the other vertical engines in the backgroundMay 13, 2006
Patterns used to make the replica2679 viewsThe magnificent replica has been lovingly built by Wayne Timms and Dave Allen (members of the Friends of the Anson Engine Museum). It is of engine number 361 that was originally built in 1871. These are the patterns they used while making it.
May 13, 2006
Relief now its all done3544 viewsNow that the Exhibition preparations are finished the relief shows on the face of a volunteer while they chat to visitorsMay 13, 2006
line up.jpg
Closer view of the line up2721 viewsthis shows a clearer view of the engines and the connection between the large engine and the winchMay 13, 2006
line up 2.jpg
Looking along the line of engines towards the large 3bhp engine3010 viewsthis magnificent line up is unique! It contains the replica 1/4 bhp engine; the 1bhp and the 3bhpMay 13, 2006
gc working.jpg
Geoff working on the large engine2889 viewsThis is an example of the largest size built of the Crossley Brothers Atmospheric-Free Piston engine; it is rated at 3 horsepower May 13, 2006
Replica engine from the left3316 viewsReplica engine from the leftMay 13, 2006
what a line up.jpg
What a line up!4214 viewsLooking towards the large 3bhp engine with the other vertical engines in the foregroundMay 13, 2006
630hp 6 cylinder vertical diesel6304 viewsApr 10, 2006
Larger size gas producer plant5273 viewsApr 10, 2006
General arrangement of a National vertical tandem gas engine5629 viewsApr 10, 2006
3 cylinder vertical National gas engine5365 viewsApr 10, 2006
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