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Last additions - Archive photos of engines and museum views
feeling rightly "chuffed" when Crossley Portable run for first time in public627 viewsFor more information about the Crossley Portable see article on News page of websiteSep 28, 2012
Canary-shouldered Thorn captured during moth audit710 viewsfor full list of the moths found during the audit see the article on the News page of websiteSep 28, 2012
Moth catcher set up by local enthusiast to capture and count the species621 viewsSep 28, 2012
demonstrating the Gardner model for a visitor651 viewsthe sale of these kits are going extremely well this yearSep 28, 2012
Geoff hot wires the mobility scooter657 viewsas we can't find the key!Sep 28, 2012
Tony, Barry and Chris come to help run steam engines663 viewsSteam engines run 3rd Sunday of monthSep 28, 2012
South Cheshire Collectors Car Club visit on "Drive It" day633 viewsSep 28, 2012
Geoff and Geoff shows Barry the 2.5HP Blackstone oil engine646 viewswe will use this engine to take to showsSep 28, 2012
Peter demonstrates for Poynton 41 club members during their recent visit624 viewsSep 28, 2012
Rod at the forge630 viewsfor Poynton 41 club members during their recent visitSep 28, 2012
Poynton 41 club members during their recent visit - at Craft Centre617 viewsSep 28, 2012
Vintage Camera Display Sept 2012615 viewsLewis gun shaped camera used to train gunnersSep 28, 2012
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