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Last additions - Steam Section
Geoff welcomes invited crowd before 1st ever public running1061 viewsLargest Steam Engine in CheshireSep 26, 2011
side view of the Stott mill engine1591 viewsAug 15, 2011
Stott engine, looking from front towards the flywheel1068 viewsAug 15, 2011
another view of the Stott999 viewslooking from the back towards the front of the engineAug 15, 2011
view of the flywheel on the Stott mill engine1264 viewsthis engine has been lovingly restored by our volunteers and will be run "in steam" in September 2011Aug 15, 2011
made by one of our volunteers1080 viewsas these were missing replacements were made copying a pattern one of the volunteers had noticed at another museumAug 15, 2011
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