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The Brotherhood engine can be lit up under the lean to 439 viewsthis allows us to continue working when the light gets bad at this time of year
Brotherhood engine with Ian's expertly bent new injector pipes479 views
Side plates removed showing the links to the sleeve valves431 viewsBrotherhood engine
Looking along the Brotherhood engine415 viewsLooking very smart, everything ready for first run attempt.
Brotherhood lit up under the lean to427 views19 November 2010, everyone preparing for the first run
Look at the smoke cloud!!560 viewsthis is the first run after over 20 years and the temperature is about 3 degrees - not kind for a first run but they couldn't wait to have a go
Looks like something from the Twilight Zone460 viewsDon watches over the Brotherhood as it first bursts into life
Yes the Brotherhood engine is still under there somewhere405 views
Having difficulty reading the oil pressure gauge410 viewsit was reading 30psi when we did manage to peer through the smoke

Yes you are right - just to add to the confusion this picture is on its side
Ian checks for any problems on the Brotherhood500 viewsafter the initial run we removed the side covers and checked the bearing temperatures, everything was okay
Tony Green receives MBE701 viewsCongratulations Tony - For voluntary service to Industrial Heritage in the Staffordshire Potteries.

We are very proud to have you as a Life Member of our Friends.
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