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oct wknd 030.jpg
Before the crowd arrives208 viewsEric from the milk bar tries to take a photograph up the main room - caught out by our own cameraman
oct wknd 033.jpg
Cheryl at the Milk Bar keeping everyone fueled336 views
oct wknd 034.jpg
looking up the line of engines186 views
oct wknd 035.jpg
Junkers engine213 viewsthis lovely example was brought by Peter Bell
oct wknd 039.jpg
Junkers top piston and scavenge pump178 views
oct wknd 041.jpg
Junkers crank shaft arrangement174 viewsclose up shot
oct wknd 042.jpg
Coventry Diesel KF4220 views
oct wknd 043.jpg
Coventry Diesel KF4 information boards234 views
oct wknd 044.jpg
some of the engines at the rally219 viewsThe Coventry Diesel KF4 was run periodically, it has a very responsive throttle with it being supercharged.
oct wknd 047.jpg
Rattling Monster room was never empty332 views
oct wknd 050.jpg
the replica engine draws admirers207 views
oct wknd 051.jpg
admiring the Gardner 4L2312 views
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