Anson Engine Museum

Anson Engine Museum Gallery

Front of museum gets a fresh coat of paint1766 viewsWorking Weekend 23/24 March 2007

Over 35 people turned up to help give the museum a spring clean and a fresh coat of paint ready for the Easter opening of the season
Margaret meets the Mayor and Consort at the Poynton Show1786 views
Putting together the new Guides2513 viewsalways lots of work in those last few days before opening
Steam engine under restoration by the volunteers1856 views
Which way is up for the flagpole gang1701 views
Geoff Baker.jpg
Geoff Baker hard at work building walls1967 views
Hedge hopping1749 viewsa cheer went up as the pilot released the smoke from the plane
Looks like she is waving a dust ball1672 views
Ian & John at work.jpg
Foundations for lean to being laid, summer 2003, John and Ian2738 views
it will be finished on time.jpg
Of course it will be ready in time1942 viewsGeoff Baker frantically laying bricks, Summer 2003
Mike & Charles.jpg
Mike and Charles in workshop restoring engines2099 views
mjh at ve day.jpg
Margaret at VE Day Celebration show chating to visitors2071 views
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