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Our Aims


1. To tell the history of the Internal Combustion Engine in a way that conveys the wonder of their development; the uses they were put to and the hours of skilled craftsmanship that went into their making.

We will strive to do this by:

  • Rescuing, restoring and preserving a collection showing the major developments and marques
  • Where practical, to have exhibits running allowing a heartbeat and throb of these industrial giantsto tell their own story of these engineering giants to tell their own story of engineering heritage, character and graft.
  • Capturing the rich histories of the great inventors and manufacturers - especially those from the North West, an area that reverberates with a wealth of industrial echoes.
  • Explaining the impact these engines have had across the world from the slower pace of a bygone era to predictions for the future.
  • Becoming a Cantre of Excellence within the museums' Specialist Subject Network


2. To be a focal point that tells the social and industrial history of Poynton. As we are built on the old Anson Colliery site, there will be a particular emphasis on the local coal mining industry.

    In working towards this we will:

  • Work with the local community and historical society to rescue and display Poynton's history.
  • Capture the photographs and memories that make the history come alive across the years.
  • Provide changing displays illustrating different aspects of the story.

3. To continue developing as a recognized tourist attraction, improving the facilities and amenities we offer visitors to Cheshire.

To this end we will:

  • Continue to adopt best practice & standards, testing our efforts against local and national award criteria
  • Network and work with other museums, local and national tourism bodies to share ideas and resources.
  • Encourage and use customer feedback

If you would like a full copy of our aims please download them here


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